Optimising performance

At Enhance our purpose is to optimise performance for fiduciary, family office and charity investors around the world.

'The world of financial services is unpredictable and often opaque. At Enhance, we utilise our team's independence, extensive industry experience and custom-built technology to bring our clients clarity over their investment affairs. Our purpose is simple, we optimise investment performance by providing institutional discipline to private capital.'

Tom Wiseman


Navigating today’s fast changing financial world demands agility and independent thinking.

Enhance is a partner that adds value through independence, expertise and technology. As the leading investment monitoring and advisory boutique for fiduciaries, family offices and charities around the world, we’re dedicated to protecting and growing wealth.

Our proprietary Fintech platform Mosaic provides a quantitative, auditable and automated foundation for our Monitoring, Portfolio and Consultancy services. Mosaic is the intelligent investment hub that enables our talented team to manage individual client requirements.

With over $40bn of Asset Under Review spanning 4000+ accounts and 10+ currencies, Enhance enjoys a privileged helicopter perspective of the global investment industry and has curated a range of services to take advantage of this unique intelligence.

Fintech enabled advantage.


Delivering clarity

An independent and objective assessment of return, risk and holdings that delivers clarity to investors and their advisors.

Co-ordinated investing

An investment manager selection service utilising platform technology to offer co-ordinated investing on assets of any size.

Independent intelligence

A tailored investment advisory service providing independent intelligence to investors and their advisors on global multi-asset arrangements.

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Learn more about Enhance and how we help our clients to optimise their investment performance through our Monitoring, Portfolio and Consultancy services.


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