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An independent and objective assessment of return, risk and holdings that delivers clarity to investors and their advisors.

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A quantitative approach.

The Enhance Manager Analysis Programme (EMAP) quantitatively assesses the suitability profile of each investment portfolio against a defined Investment Policy using a combination of returns-based and holdings-based analytical techniques.

Our proprietary EMAP Rating scores each investment portfolio using risk and return characteristics relative to the portfolio’s benchmark. This is augmented by an X-Ray to programmatically identify holdings-level Investment Policy deviations.

Every EMAP report provides an investor-specific commentary and Action Points to discuss with Investment Managers and guide performance optimisation and mandate compliance. Delivered in report form and via our Client Portal for an interactive experience.

Insights into action.


01 Return

Return is assessed over a broad range of time periods and against a variety of independent target, composite and peer group benchmarks to provide a rigorous evaluation of performance.

02 Risk

Risk is assessed using absolute and benchmark relative statistics over the same time periods as Return to provide investors with perspective and tolerances for Investment Policy compliance.

03 Holdings

Holdings are assessed using X-Ray technology and global investment databases to provide context to Return & Risk results and programmatically identify Investment Policy deviations.

04 Action

Action Points are raised in each EMAP report, turning our analytical insights into action and providing a basis for Investment Manager instructions to guide performance optimisation and mandate compliance.

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