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A rigorous and independent overview of investment exposures encompassing performance, risk, suitability and compliance.

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For us, investment manager selection is only the beginning.

In a fast-changing world, we provide the independent insight necessary to stay relevant and deliver consistently strong results for investors.

Enhance Monitoring delivers independent reviews of portfolio performance, risk and suitability, highlighting quantitative and qualitative mandate deviations to help keep investment managers on track. Our quarterly management reports provide impartial insights into performance and activity, identifying clear action points for each investor to explore with their managers and advisers.

Portfolios only perform as well as the people that manage them.

That's why we score every manager and portfolio using our proprietary Enhance Manager Analysis Programme, a quantitative and algorithm based monitoring technology.

In addition to measuring performance, our review writers go beyond the numbers to examine how each manager executes on their given investment mandate, continually assessing the appropriateness and suitability of the investment strategy. We believe this level of proactive due diligence sets Enhance Monitoring apart.

How we add value.

01 Informed insight

Reacting to change requires constant attention. Our suite of proprietary monitoring technology gives you a continual 'ear to the ground' when it comes to assessing risk, return and the profile of investment assets.

02 Intelligent monitoring

During times of market volatility, our reporting systems provide specific triggers to re-evaluate performance and streamline compliance and operations between investors and their investment managers.

03 Qualitative overlay

Alongside our proprietary monitoring technology, we put a team of investment qualified review writers at your disposal to provide timely market insights and in-depth suitability assessment and due diligence on investment managers.

04 Managing complexity

We know how to manage complexity and ensure you keep a competitive advantage, even when multiple trusts and companies are held. Our Consolidated Reporting provides a clear understanding of how both individual and combined portfolios are performing in an actionable manner.

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