Co-ordinated investing

An investment manager selection service utilising platform technology to provide a co-ordinated investment solution for investors of any size.

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A best of breed approach.

Enhance Portfolio is a true end-to-end investment management solution for portfolios of any size; delivering optimum efficiency, risk management and administration. The service combines the benefits of Enhance's advice, research and monitoring delivered by our experienced team with best of breed independent management and centralised custody.

Against a backdrop of widespread regulatory change and risk, there has never been a greater need for strategic investment advice and oversight.

Trustees and Family Offices are facing increasing challenges when appointing discretionary investment managers, especially for smaller portfolios where administrative fees are often disproportionately high. It's unsurprising that many trustees are forced to consider compromises for their investors.

It doesn't have to be this way. Enhance Portfolio works like a fully outsourced system, providing investment suitability advice, third party investment management, centralised custody and monitoring, all across one independent and regulated platform.

A modern solution.

01 Streamlined efficiency

Maximise operational efficiency and significantly reduce administrative burdens through the use of platform technology, all while mitigating risk by relying on Enhance's regulated advice service.

02 Powerful tools

Specialist reporting and 24/7 online access to live portfolio data. Enhance Portfolio enables investors to interact with their money at any time or place.

03 Cost-effective

Using our institutional economies of scale, Enhance Portfolio is a cost-effective investment solution for portfolios of any size with a maximum consultancy fee of 0.4%.

04 One-step process

Open one investment account to delegate the appointment and replacement of investment managers to our proven research process and team.

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