We develop, implement and integrate proprietary technology to deliver superior investment reporting and advice services and operational efficiency to the fiduciaries and family offices we serve.

Mosaic by Enhance

Mosaic is a web based, extensible cloud application developed by Enhance specifically for fiduciaries, family offices and their clients. Available as an outsourced or custom hybrid solution, Mosaic acts as an intelligent oversight hub for the public and private market activities of an infinite number of investors.

Mosaic. An intelligent platform.

01 Big Data

Mosaic processes holdings and transaction level data from hundreds of investment counterparties around the world. With the ability to accept data in a wide range of formats and delivery mechanisms, a proprietary data mapping tool embedded within the application enables Enhance to cleanse, aggregate and standardise this data for Mosaic’s return and holdings based analytical purposes.

02 Report Builder

Mosaic delivers customised investment reporting through it’s own report builder – a flexible tool that enables Enhance’s Analysts to deliver tailored individual, consolidated and clientbase level reporting to fiduciaries and family offices. Reporting can be white labelled or co-branded where appropriate with a growing library of analytical studies for our clients to choose from.

03 User Interface

Mosaic has multiple online User Interfaces, made available to fiduciaries and family offices dependant on how they wish to interact with the platform. Access to current and historic reporting, client records and task management are standard features along with Management Information at multiple levels of the clientbase monitored by Mosaic.

04 Integrations

Enhance is committed to integrating with the third party software that fiduciaries and family offices employ to manage their clients’ affairs. Our Developers work on an open architecture and whole of market basis to deliver platform automations that significantly improve the operational efficiency of Mosaic users for investment related workflows.

A modern, secure platform architecture

Keeping our clients information secure is one of our highest priorities, and so our platform has been built with security in mind at every step.

Enhance: Intelligently combining Proprietary, Open Source and Third Party Software.